In Mozilla® Firefox® update 51, functionality of the VidyoDesktop™ guest links on Windows® is impaired while in mixed security mode.

Problem Scenario:

If VidyoDesktop is open and you click on a Vidyo guest link using Mozilla Firefox 51, the browser will show “connecting”, however it will never actually transition to VidyoDesktop (where you would be prompted to enter your name).
Mozilla® has released a temporary fix in the form of an add-on. To ensure your browser obtains this add-on update, please follow the instructions below:

Ensure you are on Firefox® version 51.0.1.
Enable this setting: Menu > Options > Advanced > Automatically install updates.
Reboot your machine.
—How to confirm if the add-on has been applied:

Open Firefox® and type the following into the address bar and press enter: about:support

In the “Extensions” section, you should see “Send HSTS Priming Requests” in the list.

(This add-on will not be required for the next release of Firefox®)

If the steps above do not fix the isssue, please follow these steps:

  1. Launch Mozilla FireFox.
  2. Type “about:config” in the address bar and hit enter.
  3. Accept the security prompt.
  4. Search for “security.mixed_content.send_hsts_priming”
  5. Ensure that the value is set to “false”.
  6. If it is set to “true”, double-click to change the value to “false”.
  7. Restart Firefox.
  8. Try the guest link again.

It should now function as expected.